Note for asa beauty X Rahul Mishra – Baloon Sleeve Sequin Fringe Slit Dress

India’s first luxury clean beauty brand asa had recently collaborated with renowned couture designer Rahul Mishra as the beauty partner for the Couture Fall 2021/2022 collection, “The Shape of Air” at Paris Haute Couture Week.

asa’s brand philosophy of “Clean Awakening” which revolves around clean ingredients and sustainability works perfectly with Rahul Mishra’s focus on nature inspired work and conscious consumerism. They came together in perfect synergy to create simplistic beauty.

Rahul Mishra has used the city of Santorini, Greece as his inspiration for this collection, exhibiting the five senses and how they are perceived by the eyes and felt by the soul. Perhaps the most loved look from the collection was the Balloon Sleeve Sequin Fringe Slit Dress. Here is how you too can recreate this look using asa’s products:

1.Since this is a very clean, simple look, you need to start with an even base. Use the asa Cream Corrector to mask the uneven skin tone and nourish your skin at the same time.

2.Next, apply the asa Easy-Blend Concealer over the Cream Corrector. This Easy-Blend Concealer is true to its name, and it doesn’t cause any fine lines or creasing under the eyes.

3.Once the concealer has been applied and blended properly, use the asa Powder Foundation to not just set the concealer but to also add some extra coverage to your face giving it a natural looking base.

4.One of the more striking parts of this look is how glowy the model’s skin is. To achieve this subtle, yet outstanding glow apply the asa Luminising Powder on all ther high points of your face i.e. your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your forehead and a little bit on your chin.

5.The eyes are relatively simple for this look. There is a graphic eyeliner over the lid in a very organic, flowy shape, representing the movement of ‘air’. For mascara, use the asa Everyday Mascara on the top lashes, leaving the button lashes bare to give off a more natural, no-makeup look.

6.The model’s lips have a ‘barely-there’ yet pigmented and creamy look. So to finish off this look, asa Lip&Cheek Tint in the shade Juicy Peach and blend it in using your fingers to get that soft look.

Vola, here is the look that has been the talk of the town created exclusively by asa products which more than 92% natural, vegan, refillable, Sustainable and free from animal cruelty.

Written by Zaina Meher Kadiri for asa beauty
(July, 2021)