New Flavours of Fruit Preserves from Living Food Co.

Living Food Co. has added delicious and healthy new fruit preserves to its marketplace. Known for its sustainable approach to providing absurdly fresh, clean, and credible food, Living Food Co. strives to produce food that is good for you and right for Planet Earth.

Living Food Co. has used locally sourced fruits to create four unparalleled flavours: the Alphonso Preserve with Saffron, the Strawberry Preserve with Kerala Vanilla, the Mulberry Preserve and the Orange Marmalade.

The Alphonso mangoes for the Alphonso Preserve with Saffron are sourced from a farm run by a family for over 3 generations. The goodness of these rich and aromatic mangoes combined with saffron makes a delicious, fruity, thick mango preserve.

For the Strawberry Preserve with Kerala Vanilla and the Mulberry Preserve, Living Food Co. has sourced the berries from the hilly slopes of Mahableshwar and the natural vanilla from Kerala. These breakfast table spreads/preserves are made perfect with chunks of fruits in them.

Fresh, juicy and citrusy oranges have been used to create the thick to create the delicious and fruity Orange Marmalade. The chunky pieces from the orange rind packs in a flavour of orange candy from the days of yore.

The four new flavours of fruit preserves are extremely healthy as they are made using minimal ingredients. Fruits, sugar and lemon juice and the only ingredients used to make all the preserves, except the Alphonso Preserve with Saffron and the Strawberry Preserve with Kerala, which also includes saffron and natural vanilla respectively. These products also contain no artificial preservatives and are vegan, gluten-free and oil-free.

There are countless ways to enjoy these versatile preserves. They are ideal for spreading over toast, sourdough bread, pancakes and teacakes. They can also be blended into smoothies or used as topping over cereals or yoghurt. The Orange Marmalade can be shaken into a cocktail, folded in a cake batter or even used as a salad dressing or glaze!

These preserves are the perfect way to add a fruity burst of flavour to your daily diet. You can purchase a single bottle (210 g)  of each preserve or you can opt for a subscription as well! The one-month subscription will deliver a bottle (210 g) to you every week, at 5% off. The three-month subscription will deliver a bottle (210 g) to you every week, at 10% off. You can even choose the quantity of freshly made jars of goodness that are delivered to you each week.  Treat your tastebuds to something new by visiting and ordering your favourite!

Written by Zaina Meher Kadiri for Living Food Co. 
(September, 2021)