Banish your PMS woes with Power Gummies’ ‘That Time of The Month’ Period Pain Gummies

Every month mother nature pays women a visit and brings with herself a test of endurance called PMS. Symptoms such as cramps, nausea and mood swings are just some of the problems women face on a monthly basis as they menstruate. Power Gummies, India’s leading dietary supplement brand, is here to banish all the PMS woes with their ‘That Time of The Month’ Period Pain Gummies.

These Period Pain Gummies have been specially formulated for women who suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome), cramps, and several other unfavourable side-effects of the menstrual cycle. Ideal for easy and safe consumption, these gummies for ‘That Time of The Month’ are the perfect solution to alleviate PMS symptoms and make your period a happy one.

The ingredient list for the Period Pain Gummies has been deliberately chosen to target specific concerns. The Vitamin C prevents iron deficiency and repairs body tissues, Vitamin B6 reduces a broad range of PMS symptoms and mood swings, Magnesium Sulphate relieves anxiety, insomnia and mood swings, Passion Flower Extract eases anxiety, helps regulate body temperature and relaxes muscles, Citrus Bioflavonoids alleviate stress, improves digestion and reduces boating, Milk Thistle Extract reduces hormonal and/or PMS induced acne and finally, the Chasteberry Extracts regulate hormone production and reduces painful PMS related cramps.

It is no secret that women dread their periods, especially the first two days when the side effects such as anxiety, mood swings, bloating, cramps and nausea are at their worst. This can hinder everyday activities such as going to work/ school, household chores, exercises etc. and disrupts the ‘normal’ life of many women.

That Time Of The Month Gummies- Product highlights:

  • Safe for all women to eliminate or minimize unbearable abdominal discomfort and painful cramps.
  • Irrespective of medical issues, suitable for all females.
  • No Side Effects
  • Clinically tested and proven results
  • Magnesium and Vitamin C-enriched period pain gummies- Powered with Passion Flower Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Milk Thistle Extract and Chasteberry Extract.
  • 2 gummies a day: 3 days before the menstrual cycle’s due date, during the cycle and 3 days thereafter.
  • Super Tasty, Wholly vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free and crafted cruelty-free
  • Two gummies a day – three days before, during and three days after the menstrual cycle

That Time of the Month Gummies come in a single pack of 40 gummies and retails at INR 800. They are vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free and crafted cruelty-free.

Written by Zaina Meher Kadir for Power Gummies
(September, 2021)