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asa beauty’s favourites now in an all new ‘green packaging’


As the new year approaches, people start to ponder how to approach their lives differently, form resolutions and become a better version of themselves.

We at asa beauty, India’s first luxury clean beauty brand, encourage everyone to pledge to move to a more purposeful life. Let us all make sustainable choices that will not only benefit us but also our planet.

We celebrate this with our ‘green packaging’ for all our products that our customers especially love!

We have been very conscious of having sustainable packaging from the get-go. In 2018, India alone consumed 142 billion units of packaging, all of which eventually ended up in landfills. We at asa beauty are very mindful of social impact and environmental footprint, hence we have invested in extensive research to make sure our packaging is eco-friendly.

The casings of every asa beauty product are made out of aluminium, which is an endlessly recyclable material. In an effort to minimize the use of plastic, we try to use glass for our products’ packaging as much as possible. The paper used for our secondary packaging is 100% recyclable and FSC certified – a certifying body that protects our forests and their species and the rights of the indigenous. Additionally, we also use paper honeycomb to wrap our products instead of plastic bubble wrap.

At asa we have also introduced our Refillable Program in an effort to reduce waste. With our sustainable packaging, our customers can buy one case and that case can last a lifelong, as one can buy our refills to use with the same casings. We have also created multipurpose products at asa, where you can use just one product in a multitude of ways. For example, the asa Lip & Cheek Tint can be applied as a lip colour, blush, and also eyeshadow! This eliminates the need of purchasing several different products, which would in turn produce a larger amount of waste.

This new year, let us all adopt asa’s philosophy of ‘Clean Awakening’ and make beauty more than just a gratifying experience for ourselves. Let us consciously take a step towards less wastage, less consumption and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.


About asa beauty:

asa is India’s first luxury beauty brand with products that are more than 92% natural, refillable, vegan, and sustainable that gaze at beauty through the lens of mindful living and wellness. A brand that brings together a formulation for the Global Indian, a quest for purposeful luxury — a lifestyle that begets goodness, with a brand that accentuates it.

The entire brand range is available on www.asabeauty.com, Nykaa and all leading e-commerce retailer platforms.


Written by Zaina Meher Kadiri for asa beauty 
(December, 2021)