Sirona Hygiene Leads the Menstrual Cup Revolution in Kerala

Sirona Hygiene has always been on the top of their game for breaking the taboo around intimate and menstrual hygiene issues for women, with their innovative products. In India, Kerala leads sales for Sirona Hygiene in the feminine hygiene category. Amazon, the leading marketplace for sales, has seen over 80% growth in sales from the state of Kerala, while the sales on the Sirona Hygiene website has seen a three-fold increase in sales since the beginning of 2021.

Being an end to all the rashes, stains and restrictions on physical movement, menstrual cups offer the perfect solution with the menstrual problems that women face. FDA approved and made of 100% medical grade silicon, Sirona Hygiene’s menstrual cups are also an environmentally friendly option as they save thousands of pads from going to landfills. Moreover, as one cup lasts for up to 10 years they are also an extremely pocket friendly option. Realising these undeniable benefits, over 6,00,000 women from both urban and rural towns have already switched to Sirona Hygiene menstrual cups.

Unfortunately, many women are still hesitant to switch to using them due to certain myths surrounding menstrual cups. However, Sirona Hygiene has made it their mission to help them bridge the gap and improve feminine hygiene standards. Leading the menstrual cup revolution, Sirona Hygiene is orchestrating awareness campaigns and organizing training sessions by experienced medical experts.

“Our endeavour is to increase awareness on sustainable menstruation through cups, so that women across the country can make an informed choice about the switch. Kerala is our biggest market for menstrual cups and Sirona Hygiene promises to support and encourage the women in Kerala through their menstrual health journey by investing in awareness activities in the state.” Deep Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Sirona Hygiene.

Sirona Hygiene also takes their social responsibility seriously with their initiative to donate 1 Re from every Sirona Hygiene & PeeBuddy product sold towards NGOs and institutions that provide menstrual hygiene solutions to underprivileged girls and women across India. With this, Sirona Hygiene aims to help at least 1 million underprivileged women in India, Malawi and Nepal by improving their menstrual management conditions over the next five years.

About the brand

Sirona Hygiene is known as a brand that stands for innovation and awareness and their products are geared to accommodate that. With multiple innovative products across categories, Sirona Hygiene has been breaking barriers and stigma around menstruation and hygiene especially for women in India.  

Some of these game-changing products include – PeeBuddy India’s first stand and pee device which has sold more than two million units to date, The Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patches India’s first herbal pain relief patch and has crossed over 1,00,000 units since the launch, these give women the opportunity to seek natural and effective pain relief in lieu of hot water bottles and pain killers, The Sirona Natural Coloured PadsIndia’s first colored, disposable biodegradable pads, Sirona Oxo Degradable Sanitary Disposal BagsIndia’s first Oxo degradable sanitary disposal bags, The Sirona Anti Chafing Rash Cream, India’s first natural anti-chafing cream for women, The Sirona Menstrual Cup KitA one-of-a-kind kit that consists of the Menstrual Cup Wash, Menstrual Cup Steriliser, and the Sirona Menstrual Cups that are used by over 600,000 women.

Written by Zaina Meher Kadiri for Sirona Hygiene
(September, 2021)